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Buying Cessna 172 for Sale: Knowing Guidelines of Good Choice, Essential Details and Earlier Types

When people are in the process of decision-making, they create their list of criteria to determine which choice will make them feel satisfied. This is similar when looking for any Cessna 172 for sale. It is better to check elements such as price, features, model, etc. to evaluate if the choice is superlative and appropriate.


For people interested in purchasing aircrafts such as Cessna 172, it is noteworthy to remember that these are big investments. Because buying entails huge amount of money, it will be best to avoid making wrong choices. It is recommended to plan ahead, be informed, and continuously evaluate. By doing so, the owner will be safe from unlikely situations and excessive costs.


For people who are just new in buying any Cessna 172 aircraft, it will be fruitful to assess the engine, airframe, inner layout, exterior features, avionics, test performance, and other related aircraft specifications before paying. This is to ensure that the jet is operational and will last for long.


What is the engine type of Cessna 172 jets?


These aircrafts are typically chosen because of the flight speed it offers users. More often, jets are utilized for urgent situations and emergencies. Therefore, it is important that engines of preferred Cessna 172 model are suitable for such needs. Other than that, it is good to check two factors.


First, look for records of major engine overhauls of the Cessna 172 for sale. By doing so, the file of engine overhaul will help in determining the amount of time the Cessna 172 engine will be functional. Also, this will lessen the worries of purchaser when it comes to trouble and repair.


Second, ask about the number of re-manufactures of the Cessna 172 chosen. Say for instance, beginning in 1968, Cessna has powered their 172 jets with continental engines that have lower TBO (time before overhaul) compared to Lycoming engines. Therefore, modifications are continuously made.


What is the total time airframe of the Cessna 172 for sale?

This will help in identifying the creation date of the selected Cessna172 model. Although this has been taken advantage of, this is essential because it identifies how old the Cessna 172 jet. This also answers questions like ‘Was it long been in display before purchase or was it used in flight academy?’ This allows a purchaser to determine if certain interior and exterior features of Cessna 172 aircraft have already deteriorated because of the total time airframe (TTAF).

What is the interior layout of the Cessna 172 for sale?

Traveling from one place to another can be tiring. This is especially true if the ride takes about 3 or more hours of a day. This is why interior design of Cessna 172 model must also be considered. More often, jets can be made comfortable by integrating couches, food galleys, and other useful furniture. However, some things cannot be placed because of weight requirements.

For this reason, a purchaser must take note if the Cessna 172 jet can accommodate preferred furnishings to make the ride more comfortable. This does not only include comfy fixtures, but also the interior style of the Cessna 172 aircraft. Light colors give the feel of relaxation especially if passengers are tired and stressed. This is why paints are also important when buying Cessna 172.

What is the exterior style Cessna 172 for sale?

Like the interior of a commercial plane, the outside appearance affects the passenger’s impressions. Most likely, those Cessna 172 models with tattered exteriors are perceived to be old and nonfunctional. Those that look vibrant and sleek are labeled as ‘new’ even if their engines and mechanical features say otherwise.

With this in mind, a purchaser must consider checking the paint of the Cessna 172 jet for sale; know if the plane has its original paint or it has been re-painted. This is because secondhand Cessna 172 types may be painted with nice colors, which can cover some exterior damages.

What is the Avionics of the Cessna 172 for sale?

Avionics refers to the process of identifying the capacity of the Cessna 172 aircraft according to the preferred flight of the purchaser. This is a way to make the decision more pragmatic. For instance, for a businessman who manages three far-located companies, a plane that has capabilities of reaching the distances between the three companies in fast period is recommended. It will not be good to get any Cessna 172 jet that does not meet the purpose of the buyer. It will just cost more and add worries.

What is the background performance of Cessna 172 for sale?

This includes expert comments and updated feedbacks with the Cessna 172 model for sale. This will enable the interested buyer to verify possible problems that will be faced after purchase of the selected Cessna 172. This is just a matter of safety.

A wise purchaser of Cessna 172 jet will not buy a model that has been getting negative comments from former and current owners. This is just like putting oneself in the trap. Any person will never want to experience plane crash or fires from happening. The damage history of the Cessna 172 for sale is also part of this factor. Details concerning engine overhauls, propeller troubles, or other occurring problems of any type of Cessna 172 will be identified.

Does insurance cover the Cessna 172 for sale?

This is very important as part of consumer protection when buying any Cessna 172 aircraft. This will guarantee that whatever damages or repairs needed, it will be covered by a company. Just like in cars and other properties, insurance will help the owner get peace of mind. Insurance of any model of Cessna 172 can be acquired through agents or manufacturing company’s recommendations.

How important inspections when buying Cessna 172 for sale?

For purchaser who does not have much knowledge in aviation and aircraft specifications, it will be necessary to hire an expert that will help along the purchasing process of preferred Cessna 172 for sale. Other than basic information, new things can be shared by the expert to assist in making the right Cessna 172 type. Questions will be raised and answers will be quickly answered. Other than that, the expert knows if something is missing or there are hidden damages in the Cessna 172 aircraft.

Inspections are important before and during purchase of Cessna 172 jet. Checking exterior and interior features of Cessna 172 can be done by the buyer because most of the details are either visible or basic. However, when it comes to the engine, propellers, breaks, wings, windows of the Cessna 172, experts know more. Moreover, some Cessna 172 model may look nice at first, but they may have some potential problems that are not perceivable by non-professional inspectors.

How to purchase preferred Cessna 172 jet for sale?

After the list of all Cessna 172 has been assessed and all significant factors have been checked, the final step is to make the purchase. Buying Cessna 172 aircraft can be made by the interested individual or can be accomplished by a hired representative especially if the buyer has a tight schedule. Some companies provide payment-free title search, evaluation as well as transfer of documentations for any Cessna 172 for sale.

What are the earlier types of Cessna 172 jets?


It will be helpful to look for the history of the development of current and modern types of Cessna 172 in the market today. This will enable an interested client to trace feedbacks and possible reasons in which some types faced their end.

Cessna 172 – This is the basic model of all Cessna 172 for sale. This is powered by 145-horse power Continental O-300, six-cylinder engine with air cool, and weighs about 1000 kilograms.

Cessna 172-A – This is an improved version of small airplane that became marketable in 1960. This has a back tail that moves, rudder and float fitting.

Cessna 172-B – This is a 1961 jet introduced with short under carriage as well as three inches engine mounts. It also has a re-shaped cowling and propellers that are pointed.

Cessna Skyhawk – This Cessna 172 has been under 172-B and more like an option for buyers. This has extra features such as exterior paint and increased weight up to 1,000 kilograms.

Cessna 172-C – This is a 1962 Cessna that offered a choice for autopilot, child seat and key starter. Seats are also adjustable in six unique ways.

Cessna 172-D – This is 1963 jet equipped with low rear fuselage with Omni-vision windows and windshield. Rudder and brake pedals are also part of the system.

Cessna Powermatic – This is under 172-D powered by 175 horsepower Continental GO-300 E. It has a cruse speed of eleven miles per hour. This is formerly Cessna 175 Skylark.


Other earlier types of Cessna 172 aircrafts: Jets from Cessna come in different models that give larger choices for 172 patrons and believers. Here are other types:

Cessna 172-E – This is a 1964 Cessna that has circuit breakers as replacement for electrical fuses. It weighs about 2,300 pounds including its instrument panel.

Cessna 172-F – This is a 1965 plane developed in France that has electrical flaps.

Cessna 172G – This is a 1966 aircraft was introduced with pointed propellers (spinners)

Cessna 172H – This is a 1967 jet powered by short nose gear oleo, new cowling, shock mounts, pneumatic horn and continental O-300 engine.

Cessna 172-I – This is a 1968 Cessna began the use of 150-horse power Lycoming (O-320 E2D) engine.

Cessna 172J – Its configuration has been improved to stabilator (cantilever wing). This is popularly known as the 177 Cardinal.

Cessna 172-K – This is equipped with vertical fin caps, rear windows, and 52 gallons of win fuel tanks (optional).

Cessna 172K 1970 – This is an improved type of 172-K that has fiberglass windows, downward- formed wing tips and full seats.

Cessna 172L – This has replacements such as steel gear legs and plastic placed in the dorsal and vertical fin.

Cessna 172M – This has a camber lift wing and has initiated package II (communication. Radio, transponder and ADF)


1977 model types of Cessna 172 jets: From this year, more improvements have been made to replace former features and add power ups to engine and total performance of jets from Cessna. The following are some versions of Cessna 172 planes:

Cessna 172N – This is known as Skyhawk N and 1977 aircraft. This includes O-320 H2 AD / O-320 D2 J and an engine with 160 horsepower. There have been about three or four yearly improvements.

Cessna 172P – This became available in 1981.  This also had yearly improvements including latch pin for second door, etc.

Cessna 172-Q Cutlass – This has a Lycoming O-360 A4N with 180 hp engine that weighs about 3,000 pounds.

Cessna 172R – This is a 1996 Cessna 172 equipped with Lycoming IO 360-L2A engine of 160 horsepower. This has a factory placed fuel-inserted engine.

Cessna 172S – This is powered by Lycoming IO-360 L2A with 180 hp engine.

Cessna 172RG Cutlass – This has 1980’s 172-version gear that is retractable.

Cessna 172RG – This has features like speed propellers that are constant, and 180 hp engine.


Some models of Cessna 172 jets are either secondhand or brand new. Some are no longer in production and those older versions of Cessna 172 models that can be bought from private dealers or just for collection purposes.