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Cessna 206: The Multi-Purpose Aircraft

A descendant of the retractable-gear Cessna 210, the Cessna 206 jet is a legend on its own. It has made a name for itself as a general utility plane, considering the amount of work and the kind of environment in which it was typically exposed to. The Model Cessna 206 jet is currently one of the leading bush planes. Yet despite its rugged appearance, this jet is also a runway favorite being an ideal commercial aircraft as well.

The Exteriors

At first glance, the Cessna 206 jet looks like any other ordinary bush planes. But there’s actually more than what meets the eye.

The high-wing design of the Cessna 206 basically benefits its overall flight performance. It helps in achieving greater stability, visibility and passenger accessibility. It also serves as a protection from the sun and the harsh weather.

The Cessna 206 jet uses a special mechanism for smooth touchdowns. Its landing gear includes a series of tapered steel tubes to provide shock absorption during landing. This way, the passengers can feel safe while still being secured to their seats inside the elegant Model Cessna 206 jet.

The Interiors

Although the exteriors of the Cessna 206 jet suggest a look that is rather sporty, it is the contrast when you view it from the inside. The plane boasts of a roomy cabin that can sit four passengers while still remaining at the top of the game. The contoured seats, all of which have been manufactured from plush-leather, can also be fully reclined for a more comfortable experience while on board.

The interior panels of the Model Cessna 206 jet provide better soundproofing to shut out the noise that comes from both the engine and the propeller. There are also a series of efficient light fittings to illuminate the cabin.

The Performance

The Model Cessna 206 jet is known for its robust rates for takeoff and range. It fires off at speeds of 151 nautical miles per hour. Furthermore, it has a maximum cruise range of up to 330 km/hr.

Possible uses for Model Cessna 206 Jets

As a general aviation aircraft, the Cessna 206 can be used for a variety of purposes. This Cessna jet has a rugged structure, which makes it ideal for any types of situations and weather conditions. Backed by the single yet powerful Continental IO-520-A engine (Lycoming IO-540 in the latest version), the Cessna 206 jet offers a lot of possibilities for the owners.

  • Private Transportation – The best thing about the Model Cessna 206 jet is that it can be modified according to specific needs. In this case, the plane can be used as a means for private transportation. Think of it as a winged van that can take a family of four to a certain destination. With the Cessna 206 planes, there is no need to book for commercial flights and wait at the airport for the takeoff.
  • Corporate Aviation – The Cessna 206 jet serves as a cheap alternative to the high-end business planes. By furnishing the interiors with necessary office paraphernalia, the Model Cessna 206 plane can be easily transformed into a “flying office”. Businessmen need to chase time and by using the Cessna 206 jet, they can instantly get to their destination without any hassles.
  • Flight Trainings – The Model Cessna 206 jet has a practical instrument panel for easier manipulation, albeit the controls are a bit heavier than the counterparts. Having almost the same controls as those in the commercial airline cockpits, the Cessna 206 jets are ideal for flight trainings.
  • Cargo and Freight Services – The Cessna 206 jet outperforms the other bush planes by offering more space for accommodating goods on board. This makes the plane an ideal service aircraft for freight operations. At 127 cubic feet, the cargo area of the Cessna 206 jet is spacious enough to accommodate as much cargo as needed.

The cargo pod provides approximately 16 cubic feet of space beneath the fuselage, which can carry a total weight of up to 300 lbs. The Model Cessna 206 jet also comes equipped with double-door loading bay for easier hauling.

  • Medical Missions – In isolated areas and highlands, the Cessna 206 jet is a common sight as an air ambulance. When fitted with medical equipments, the jet transforms into a dedicated facility for transferring the injured and sick patients to the hospital.
  • Rescue Operations – Designed for the extremes, the Model Cessna 206 jet is a widely used bush plane. It can hover across the remote areas and even tackle the swamps with the amphibious float attachments. Such versatility of the Cessna 206 jet helps the rescuers in locating the missing individuals in the best possible way.
  • Aerial Photography – The fuel economy as well as the cargo capacity of the Cessna 206 jet makes it an ideal aircraft for taking photos from the sky. The door of the plane can be detached for better viewing, although increased noise due to wind resistance can be expected. Additionally, cameras for land surveying can also be mounted on a Model Cessna 206 jet.
  • Excursions – One of the main uses of Cessna 206 jet is to provide a means of aerial transport to a group of people on a holiday trip. A Model Cessna 206 plane may be chartered for the exclusive use of the visitors.
  • Skydiving – The Cessna 206 jet is also an ideal jumping-off point for skydiving attempts. Free fall is easily accomplished by removing the doors just for this purpose.
  • Military Purposes – Although not designed for air raids and similar activities, the Cessna 206 jet can be used as a reliable aircraft for patrolling. Because it provides better visibility for the pilots, the task can be easily carried out even when the weather is expected to cause fogs. The Model Cessna 206 jet can also be modified according to the needs of the assignment.

Comparisons with Other Cessna 206 for Sale Variant Jets

The Cessna 206 jet is a product of the successful development of the 210 series. However, the 206 has different varieties. Below is a list of sub-variants of Cessna 206 for sale:

  • Cessna U206 – It was the original 1964 model of Cessna 206. The “U” in the name stands for “utility” since it was purposely designed to become a reliable aircraft. Unlike the original Cessna 206 for sale jet, the 1977 upgraded version of the U206 is powered by a Continental IO-520-F engine that has a capacity of 300 hp.
  • Cessna TU206 – It is the turbo version of the U206. Similarly, in 1977, this Cessna 206 variant jet was upgraded to the 310 hp-capacity TSIO-520-M powerplant. Additionally, it allows an extra 15 hp that does not help much since it creates engine noise.
  • Cessna P206 – It was in 1965 that the P206 was added to the growing family of Cessna 206 jets. The “P” in the name now stands for “people”. The design of this Cessna gives priority to the passengers by incorporating the passenger doors of the previously manufactured 210 series on both sides of the plane. This series of Model Cessna 206 was later known as the “Super Skylane”.
  • Cessna 206H – It is the latest of all the Cessna 206 for sale series planes, with the first mass production taking place in 1998. This series applies the “Stationair” moniker and has the same configurations as the U206. Unlike the rest of the Cessna 206 for sale, this series makes use of the Lycoming IO-540-AC1A powerplant instead of a Continental.

Prices of Cessna 206 for Sale Jets

Even if you acquire an older, cheaper Cessna 206 for sale, chances are you will incur more operational costs than what you intend to pay for. Most Cessna 206 jets of the old days have engines that cannot be considered as practical for use these days. This is pretty much the reason why buyers would often decide on the newer versions of Cessna 206.

However, buying the latest Cessna 206 for sale planes may put a crimp on the budget. The 2010 version of Cessna 206 planes has a selling price of up to $590,000. Perhaps you can do well with a used Cessna 206. Second-hand Cessna 206 for sale planes aren’t bad at all. In fact, most Model Cessna 206 from the previous decades are still working fine. So if you are on a tight budget, you may consider buying a pre-owned Cessna 206 instead.

On the other hand, the previous versions of Cessna 206 jets have affordable selling prices. The 1969 version of the Cessna 206 for sale jet cost nearly $70,000.

Finding the Right Cessna 206 for Sale Jet

The first thing that you should think about is the purpose for acquiring a Cessna 206 for sale. Your choice of Cessna 206 for sale jet must basically suit your needs. If you are not an experienced operator, you may just want to settle for the newer Cessna 206 for sale models. You may also want to add elaborate fittings inside the Cessna 206 for sale plane.