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Jets for Sale: Essential Information, Customer Tips, and Buying Reasons

Purchasing aircrafts can be very demanding with time, research, and money. These are investments that need a lot of exploration and planning. Finding and comparing jet models, manufacturers, prices, features, speed rates, flight capabilities, passenger capacities, and ownerships are all part of the whole scenario. Also, these pose great opportunities to purchase preferred jet plane that can be used for various purposes whether for business, travel or family use. It may not be easy or affordable, but it confers any individual the chance to own an aircraft.


Hearing ‘jets for sale denotes that aircrafts are not only limited for airline companies or for military men. This gives an idea to people that jets can also be utilized and owned by private individuals for their own needs. Private jets are not only for powerful people like senators, celebrities, or presidents of companies. These can also be purchased by able businessmen, private families, aircraft collectors, and travelers.


Basic knowledge customers need to know about jets for sale:


Even before buying any mini plane, it is essential to be informed about the fundamental details such as interior and exterior features. Jets refer to air transportations that are smaller compared to commercialized airplanes. More often, these have minimum capacity and used by individuals for in-country travels.


When it comes to engines, there are three main types available for on sale jets: Turbojet engine, turbofan engine and rocket engine. Jet types equipped with turbojet engines have high-exhaust rates with low cross-sections in their fronts. These are recommended for flights that are high-paced. Also, this is the most common type of engine used by small aircrafts.


Jets can also use turbofans. Aircrafts with turbofan engines can be low-bypass (with low-exhaust used for low-paced flights) or high-bypass (used by airlines for subsonic flights). Air jets with rocket engines have the fastest exhaust speed and are recommended for high-altitude flights.


What are the different types of jets for sale in the market?


When selecting the type of jet to purchase, the list of ‘on sale jets’ plays an important role. Some are restricted for military use, while some are open for private individuals. Jets can be commercial type, military jets, corporate models or private jets. Commercial types of aircrafts are mainly used to transport people (passengers), executives and cargoes from one place to another.

Commercial jets can be divided in three main categories: for airlines, business purpose, and cargo jets. On the other hand, military air jets are designed primarily for military activities. These can be fighter types, attack types, cargo types, transport types, bomber and specialty crafts. Corporate jet models are utilized for private activities, emergencies, and quick travel needs.


What are the size categories of all jets for sale?


Jets can also be categorized according to their sizes. Small-sized aircrafts can be compared to sports cars that are high-speed and sleek. These are designed to make the travel of passengers in less time and at ease. Because these are small, they are light and can accommodate only few people. This type can land in short runways and in small and city-based airports. Interior of jets models can be customized to allow food galleys or bed-like seating.


Mid-sized jets are also speedy and have larger passenger capacity compared to smaller types. These are recommended for longer travels. One of the benefits of choosing corporate jets is the ability of a passenger to choose food and beverages to be served. In commercial flights, stewardess offer meals that are already been planned by the airlines.


Large-sized jets are capable of accommodating large group of people, while traveling in distant places. Also, these aircrafts are not under airport security regulations compared to commercial flights. Traveling will be fast, easy and reliable for emergencies and urgent meetings.


What are the simple steps in buying jets for sale?


Jets are investments that entail careful planning and wise buying processes. Buyers undergo different stages to allow the smooth flow of project execution. Each step has a goal to achieve that will help in narrowing down the wide-range of aircraft choices.


First, research the list of jets types for sale. There are many ways to get this list. It can be through inquiring to local and reliable providers or by online shopping. Companies provide free jet listing in the form of brochures with specifications, prices, and model types. These can be one of the bases for decision.


Second, compare all after getting necessary details of preferred jet models. It will also be helpful to note the customer’s main purpose. Will it be for business or family use? Jets that are small and light usually have maximum eight-passenger capacities that can travel for about 3,000 km or more. Medium-sized jets have about nine-passenger capacities for 4,000 km ride, while large jets can carry about twelve passengers for about 6,000 or more kilometers.


Third step includes weighing pros and cons of chosen aircrafts. By doing so, these choices will be evaluated. Try to perceive the possible consequences or advantages that can be acquired after years of use. Will the owner shoulder high payments for maintenance and repair? Do preferred jets have limitations or restrictions?


Fourth, check if price tags of jets for sale meet budgets. Light jets are usually purchasable for $3 million or more, but not exceeding $10 million. Medium-size jets are around $10 million to $16 million, while larger jets are sold for $17 million to $55 million. However, prices are changing depending on demand, brand, and model type.


Fifth, estimate the full costs of on sale jets including possible hidden or additional fees. For instance, a new jet for private use costs $6 million to about $55 million. This estimate does not include payments for insurance, engine’s fuel, maintenance, interior accessories, and pilots of aircrafts for sale. However, companies specializing in aircraft management can take care of these needs for around $150,000 annually depending on jet size and handling.


Sixth, if types of jets models preferred by the buyer do not meet his or her budget, it can also be helpful to look for secondhand jet dealers. Although the price is still in millions, it will be less than the original cost. However, secondhand jets must still conform to aviation standards of landing and other safety measures. There also some deals linked with aircrafts such as discounts or free accessories offered by dealers.


What are the essential factors to be considered when buying jets for sale?


In making this prudent decision, the price tags of jets is not the only thing to consider. There are other factors that play role in giving jet purchasers the best and right choice. Among the elements to take note when buying air jets:

  • Feedbacks from former and current owners of jets
  • Comments from Aviation experts especially those who have specializations in all jet types
  • Reliability of the seller or providers of jets for sale
  • Purpose or reasons for buying jet planes
  • Travel criteria including flight speed and flight distance of selected jets
  • Features and specifications of the aircraft
  • Restrictions particularly in landing of jets
  • Passenger capacity of those jets for sale
  • Engine types of jets
  • Maintenance requirements of aircrafts
  • Insurance needs and possible ownership of sale jets


How important are insurance premiums of jets for sale?


Insurance is essential to provide security for high-priced properties like jets. This can cover the exterior and interior of the jet. This is like a protection for aircrafts that are useful in situations when damages are incurred or troubles occurred. The hassle of repair will be deduced and outcome will be obtained fast.


What are aircraft ownerships of jets?


When a person hears about purchasing aircrafts, ownership comes to mind. Of course, these are under some Aviation rules in ownership. For instance, full ownership is defined by experts as 300 to 400 hours of jet usage per year. If individual uses the jet for 400 hours or more per year, full purchase of jets is justifiable. However, if an owner uses the aircraft in less than the hours stated, fractional ownership can be considered. This is to meet the necessary needs of the purchaser without paying the full price of the jet plane.


In relation to the fractional ownership of air jets, only a share of the aircraft will be paid by an individual. This includes taxes, monthly payments, and costs for hourly operations. The payment will be made to the Aviation management company. This is very ideal when the person wants to ride a jet without thinking too much about other additional costs for pilots, interior accessories, etc.


Why consider purchasing jets for sale?


Purchasing cars, houses and other properties is not just a simple task to accomplish because of fun. More often, advantages of products make purchasers interested to offers. When it comes to jets, individuals look for positive rewards. These are more private and personal. Other than the opportunity it gives the owner in customizing the interior and exterior design of jets models in the market, the touch of personality is also an added factor.


Another benefit when purchasing jets is that they are fast and recommended for emergencies and urgent situations. For businessmen who need to travel for meetings, they can just travel without worrying about strict aviation rules or security. Elimination of the need to purchase tickets or lining up in airports are two other reasons to consider aircrafts for sale. Pilots are on call anytime. Furthermore, ‘private jets’ also connotes choices with food, beverages, and services are possible. The owner will no longer need to restrain him or herself from pre-planned meals or drinks, but can stock preferred food even wines. These are just few reasons in which some people are interested in buying jets.