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Lear Jets for Sale: The Luxury of Corporate Aviation

With the business world getting busier and time getting even stricter, corporate executives are now planning to invest in Lear jets. Learjet has successfully established its name in the business plane category, giving high regard to both luxury flying and fuel economy. Rarely these two have merged in other competitor planes, and it is such a good thing that most Lear jets for sale are offering the best of both worlds.

Taking the Business Aboard In Style with Lear Jets for Sale

Dubbed as the premier business-category aircraft, Learjet surpasses its contemporaries with its superior performance and luxurious appeal. Most of the Lear jets for sale are now in the possession of the discerning business executives who realize that they deserve more than just a plane that will take their businesses across the globe as needed. Thus, Lear jets have also become status symbols as well.

Lear jets are classy enough to exude a VIP feel during takeoffs and touchdowns. In fact, Learjet pioneered the distinctive winglets which are now widely associated with business-type planes, particularly the Lear jets for sale.

Lear Jets in History

Before they became what they are known today, all the current Lear jets for sale have started out as military aircrafts. These Lear jets are the successors of the Swiss ground-attack fighter aircraft, the FFA P-16. William P. Lear went on to improve its structure, thereby creating Lear jets that can be used for business-related trips. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So far, there are 13 different types of Lear jets for sale, including the short-lived LJ 28 and 29 series. The first Learjet to take off was the LJ 23, an 8-seater light business plane. Today, almost fifty years after its first mass production, most Lear jets have remained on the top of the business aviation market.

The Learjet 40 XR series

Of all the Lear jets that have been introduced to the market, the Learjet 40XR is perhaps the most popular. It belongs to the light jet category plane (7-seater) and hails from the Bombardier Learjet Family. Specifically, it is the upgraded version of the equally popular 40-series Lear jets.

The 40XR series of Lear jets have earned the market superlatives: highest takeoff weights, fastest cruise speeds and fastest time-to-climb rates compared to most competitors. Thanks to the improved “BR” engines, these attributes of the Lear jets model 40XR are well maintained.

Specifications of 40XR series Lear Jets for Sale

The Lear jets model 40XR have the longest, widest and tallest cabins in the light jet category, having the dimensions of 17.67 ft, 5.12 ft and 4.92 ft. respectively (length, width and height). These Lear jets for sale can provide 12% more space than the other jet planes of the same kind. Such impressive cabin dimensions make the LJ 40XR a Learjet of choice for frequent corporate flights.

The 40XR-series Lear jets are powered by two heavy-duty Honeywell TFE731-20-BR engines, which are attached to the rear fuselage. These engines help promote cleaner performance and efficient fuel consumption. Because of the notable energy-saving power plants, the Lear jets model 40XR can soar to high ranges (up to 51,000 feet) even on a bad weather.

An Office, Not Just a Cabin

One of the remarkable features that can be found in all Lear jets for sale is the carefully planned interiors. As for the Lear jets model 40XR, the interior design resembles a space that is conducive for resuming office-related work while on board. The standard forward club seating, along with the fold-out tables, instantly gives way for a working area that is ideal for both writing and computing inside the Lear jets model 40XR.

The 40XR series, as well as the rest of the Lear jets for sale, aims to create an environment that can provide the passengers with maximum comfort.  The floor is flat, which allows the passengers to move easily around the cabin of the Lear jets. To illuminate the interiors, the Lear jets also come equipped with LED lights.

Another notable facility in most Lear jets for sale is the cabin pressurization. By increasing the pressure on board, the air inside the Lear jets is maintained close to normal atmospheric pressure even on increased elevations. This way, the passengers can avoid fatigue and dehydration while traveling on air aboard the posh Lear jets.

All Lear jets for sale are equipped with facilities that enable the passengers to make the most out of their idle time on board. Inside the Lear jets model 40XR, the passengers can enjoy watching movies and playing MP3 music through the DVD system located in the cabin. For the best audio experience, the Lear jets were also furnished with an audio system that includes a CD player, audio amplifier, sub-woofer and individual audio headsets.

Traveling with More-than-Necessary Baggage

Most Lear jets for sale, whether light or mid-sized, are capable of transporting large baggage through the expanded external and internal luggage spaces. The baggage space located outside the cabin can hold up to 500 lb. of travel items, which may include mountain bikes and diving gear. On the other hand, the internal baggage space of Lear jets is huge enough at 15 cubic feet.

Winglets: Learjet’s Trademark Technology

All types of Lear jets for sale have the same wingtip device called “winglet”. In the business plane category, Learjet was the one to pioneer the winglets as important mechanisms for achieving higher performance levels and better fuel efficiency. These devices help in reducing the aircraft’s drag in order to increase the range of the Lear jets.


The Bombardier 40RX Lear jets have been designed with the unique Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics system for better flight management. It includes the EICAS (Engine Instrument and Crew Alerting Systems) and the EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) which aid the pilots during takeoffs and touchdowns. What makes the 40RX different from the other Lear jets for sale is that it displays the data in a more organized way to minimize the pilot’s workloads.

Other Remarkable Lear jets in the Market

  • Learjet 28 – It is the 8-seater successor of the LJ25 series of Lear jets. Together with the LJ 29, it was the first production Lear jets for sale to have used the winglets. Soon, the term “Longhorn” was coined and was later adapted to the Learjet 29. Perhaps as a tradeoff for the improved performance, the engines of the series 28 Lear jets are somewhat noisy.
  • Learjet 35 – Intended to replace the short-lived 28 and 29 Lear jets, the 8-seater LJ 35 series serves as both a business jet and a military transport aircraft. In the US Air Force, the series 35 Lear jets are rather known by the designation “C-21A”. The series used a new engine known as the General Electric CJ610 turbojet. Finally, the noise from the previous Lear jets for sale was reduced and the design has improved considerably.
  • Learjet 60 – It is a series of mid-sized, mid-range business Lear jets. It can seat six passengers, including the two crews, and can fly transcontinental. The LJ 60 was actually the improved version of the series 55 Lear jets for sale. In this series, the Lear jets are now using the Pratt & Whitney Canada model 305A turbo fan engines.
  • Learjet 85 – It is the latest series of Lear jets for sale since the production has only begun in 2007. These Lear jets have 10-seater capacity, which makes them ideal for traveling to conferences, as many delegates can be allowed onboard. Thanks to the roomy cabin, these Lear jets for sale can also handle business-related activities onboard.
  • Learjet 40 – Unlike the 40XR Lear jets for sale, this series uses “AR” engines or the Honeywell TFE-31-AR. The Lear jets in this series were actually the improved versions of the LJ45 planes.
  • Learjet 45 – The series 45 Lear jets basically run on two FADEC-controlled Honeywell TFE731 engines. Its upgraded version, the Lear jets series 45XR, used the “BR” engines for greater speeds and takeoff rates.


Prices for Lear jets for sale

The costs of Lear jets for sale greatly vary by model. Apparently, the later models have higher market price compared to the older ones. Another factor that might suggest the price of the Lear jets is the type of ownership that the buyers will get. Most Lear jets for sale are pre-owned but still in good working conditions. Such Lear jets are ideal for those who need to work within the budget.

Regardless of the models, most brand new Lear jets for sale are priced between $8 and $65 million. Some companies may even offer the buyers with financing options so they may be able to acquire the much-coveted Lear jets.

If you are serious about acquiring one of the Lear jets for sale, you should be paying more attention to its specifications rather than its price. Although it is highly advisable to work within the budget, it is not always a good idea to settle for the inexpensive yet poorly equipped Lear jets. Never compensate quality for cheap Lear jets for sale.