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Learjet For Sale

Getting the Best Deals with your Private Jets – Finding Learjet for Sale

For affluent personalities who desire to own and maintain a private, there are Learjet for sale that can be an excellent option because it is the most economical and cost-effective compared to other models. Find out more why Learjet is a great choice below.

Owning a Private LearJet

For some people who can afford it, getting a private jet can be a sensible idea. This is particularly true with businessmen, celebrity folks, high-profile politicians, and team of executives. This is because a private jet can allow one to travel without being burdened by the inconveniences associated with commercial airplane travel.

For privacy and security purposes, some people who cannot afford to wait with long lines to board a plane. In addition, this special segment of the population cannot also afford to lose time due to delayed and cancelled flights.

For people who do not have enough time due to hectic schedules, having his personal Learjet may be a good option. For these people, time is gold and travelling to different locations can be really time-consuming. But this can only be a great option if one can afford to own a jet plane.

But how do you buy a Learjet for sale? Because this involves a huge amount for the investment, make sure to hire the services of a private jet brokerage. Owning and riding private jets are really amazing to experience. But the process of acquiring these private jets can be truly expensive and complicated.

Depending on the model, size, and the make, the upfront private learjet cost can range from 5 million to 65 million dollars. But the cost does not end there; you need to handle the maintenance schedules as well as the registrations and paperwork jobs. You also need to understand that you need to hire and maintain your own staff and crew. You also need to deal with logging fuel consumption and hours of flight, pilot logs, and the regulations and inspections. These additional costs are ongoing even if your private learjet never leaves the hangar.

Learjet – The Right Choice for the First-Time Owner

Light jets are the best options because they are the most economical. The capacity of these jets is from 5 to 8 persons. These private jets are great for short trips with average cruising speed from 400 to 560 miles per hour. The average flight range of these jets is 1,500 miles. The recommended model for this type is the Learjet 25.