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The Cessna 150

To better help you decide if you want to buy a Cessna 150 for sale, this article will discuss in detail the specifications and variants of the Cessna 150 plane model that you can choose from. The Cessna 150 aircraft is nicely designed in such a way that it can be used in various ways – for whatever may suit your needs and preferences. The Cessna 150 model is classified as a general aviation airplane, and it can be used for flight training, for touring, and even just for your own personal use.


The Cessna 150 plane model, though, is more suited for people who want to have personal space or private moments because the plane only has 2 seats placed side by side. Nevertheless, the popularity of the Cessna 150 model can be seen from the fact that there have been more than 23 thousand units produced, thereby making the Cessna 150 the 4th most produced plane in the civilian planes classification. The Cessna 150 model has also been deemed as one of the most popular airplane models ever made, and is actually at second place, just behind the Cessna 172 model.


For the Cessna 150 model, a tricycle landing gear was developed, as compared to the earlier Cessna plane models that had a tail wheel landing gear. The tricycle landing gear is a benefit to first time users or beginners because it is easier to learn how to control and use this, as compared to the tail wheel landing gear. Moreover, this Cessna 150 for sale is in itself also very simple to control and easy to fly, thus making the Cessna 150 models a good plane for aviation starters to practice flying. It can also be used by those who want to train.


This Cessna 150 for sale was first developed by Cessna Aircraft as early the mid 1950s, following the earlier Cessna 140 model, but the Cessna 150 was officially produced for sale to public only on late 1958 due to the fact that the company was able to fly the Cessna 150 prototype only on late 1957.


A downside of this Cessna 150 for sale is that quick plane movements and turbulence are easily felt by passengers because the Cessna 150 is made of light weight material and has a light wing loading at 10  pounds per square feet. However, the fact that the Cessna 150 model uses only around 5 gallons of gasoline per hour more than makes up for this. Moreover, the Cessna 150 is inexpensively priced, as compared to other aircraft models in the market. Therefore, aside from being a good plane for training, the Cessna 150 is also a good plane for saving, in a way.


Proof of the good quality of this Cessna 150 plane for sale is the fact that a French aircraft manufacturing company, Reims Aviation, bought a license from Cessna for it to be able to manufacture the Cessna 150 models in France. Reims renamed the airplanes they manufactured to Reims F-150. While the Cessna 150 has a flat 4-piston engine operating at 100 horsepower and uses a Continental O-200A engine model, the one that the Reims F-150 uses is a Rolls Royce O-240-A model piston engine, which operates at 130 horsepower. The engine of the Cessna 150 drives a fixed pitch prop that is double bladed.


The Cessna 150 actually has a standard model, a trainer, and a commuter, (arranged starting from the one with the lowest price to the highest price). The Cessna 150 commuter model is equipped with a 35-amp generator. Another model called the patroller was also released in 1960, and the Cessna 150 also has an aerobat model.


The Cessna 150 patroller model is just like the standard model. Its lower doors have windows made of acrylic glass, it has a fuel tank capacity of 35 gallons, and it is also furnished with a machine chute. The latter is useful when you want to deliver packages because you can just let this fall on the ground by dropping them through the chute. The Cessna 150 model also has wing flaps that could be manually actuated by operating a lever located between the seats. The gross weight of the original Cessna 150 is 1500 pounds.


The following are the variants of the Cessna 150 with their corresponding year of production: the original Cessna 150 model was mass-produced and became commercially available to the public during the late 1958 (but 1959 is the indicated model year). The 150A was produced in 1961, the 150B variant in 1962, the 150C in 1963, the 150D in 1964, and the 150E in 1965. The 150F in 1966, which is the most produced Cessna 150 model, the 150G in 1967, the 150H in 1968, the 150J in 1969, the 150K in 1970; and the 150L, which was produced not just in 1971 but rather, up until 1974, making its production run the longest of all of the Cessna 150 sub-models. Finally, the last is the 150M, which was produced for 3 years, from 1975 up to 1977. There was no Cessna 150 model that has the letter “I” as its suffix letter.


Some of the specifications of the earlier Cessna 150 models are as follows:


The Cessna 150 A variant was a sufficiently improved version of the original Cessna 150 model. The height of this Cessna 150 variant‘s main landing gear was increased by two inches in order to address the aircraft’s problem of hitting its tail on the ground while luggage is being loaded and while people are climbing up to ride it. Because of this, the steering authority of the nose wheel of the Cessna 150 model was also improved. Additional changes in this Cessna 150 model included adjustable seats and larger rear side windows.


The Cessna 150 model was further improved in 1962 and was named the 150B. The cruise speed of this Cessna 150 model was increased by 2 nautical miles per minute. A 2-passenger child seat to be placed in the baggage compartment was also made available to buyers as an add-on for this Cessna 150 model. For the 150C model of this Cessna 150 for sale, buyers can opt to get larger tires as a substitute for the old wheels.


The 150D variant of the Cessna 150 had a revamped rear window that was given the marketing name of Omni-Vision. Although the new rear window reduced the cruise speed of the Cessna 150 model by 3 miles per hour, it was able to increase the size of the baggage compartment, making it seem as though there were a little bit more room inside this Cessna 150 variant. The gross weight of this Cessna 150 variant was also increased to 1,600 pounds, which is 100 pounds more than the weight of the standard Cessna 150s for sale. With the arrival of the E model of the Cessna 150, the standard empty weight of the aircraft was increased to 1010 pounds.


Even more developments were made to the F variant of the Cessna 150. It might appear as though this Cessna 150 variant were a little bit bigger compared to the previous Cessna 150 variants because its tires were changed into larger ones, its cabin doors were increased in width, and the capacity of its baggage compartment was also enlarged. And while the flaps of the previous Cessna 150 variants used to be manually actuated by using a lever, these flaps can now be electrically actuated by using a flap switch that is mounted on a panel. This increase in baggage space and the addition of bigger doors in the 150F model of the Cessna 150 were carried over and remained present until the last of the Cessna 150 model aircraft variants. One thing common to all Cessna 150 models, starting from the oldest to the newest, is that all of these Cessna 150 variants have wing flaps that can be extended 40 degrees.


In terms of performance, the 150B and 150C models of the Cessna 150 were said to be the best. Their rear fuselage was more aerodynamic, they have the highest service ceilings, the lowest length of ground roll needed (thereby needing the shortest runways), and the fastest cruise speed at 109 nautical miles per hour, so they are naturally also able to climb the fastest than any of the other Cessna 150 variants.


Flight schools and other civil operators are the main patrons of this Cessna 150 for sale. Even the military armies of around 11 governments from all over the world are also using the Cessna 150 model. Rest assured that when you buy a Cessna 150 model, you will not be facing any trouble looking for a replacement part because all of its parts are easy to procure, and are widely available in the market. You will not have to waste your time scrounging around just to be able to replace a broken part inside this Cessna 150 for sale.