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Turbine Engine and Turbo Prop Engines

Turbine Engines vs. Turbo Prop Engines

Aircraft engine technology came a long way since the Wright Brothers, from their tiny motor engines to the modern Turbine Engine and Turbo Prop Engines. The Turbine Engine and Turbo Prop Engines are both, the most used type of engine for private and commercial Airliner and Military Aviation.

Turbo Prop Engines operate almost similarly to the Turbine Engine, Turbo Prop Engines operates by using the turbine to drive both propeller and compressor, the exhaust only slightly helps the propulsion of the plane.

The Turbo Prop Engines is made up of a propeller, compressor, turbine, combustor, nozzle and an intake valve. This draws air in to the intake and compresses it, and fuel is added with the compress air in the combustion chamber, where fuel and air are mix up and then combust to produce power. Some of the hot exhaust gas is use to increased propulsion so no energy is wasted thus reducing fuel consumption.

The advantage of these engines is that it has very low fuel economy against the turbine, and very efficient at speed flights below 450mph and it’s not as noisy as the turbine. This engine is usually equipped on smaller commercial and civilian plane and commonly employs as high performance STOL or Short Take Off and Landing.

The Turbine Engine works by forcing air in the turbine without a protruding air propeller. It acts more like to an internal combustion engine, but a Turbine Engine has an upstream rotating compressor and coupled to the turbine downstream, and in between is the combustion chamber.

The Turbine Engine drives the air into the air intake, like a force induction to a turbo car and compresses it into the combustion chamber with air and fuel mixture. It is then ignited inside the high pressure compartment, the combusted energy are forced out into the rear end of the turbine, the high velocity rate and sheer volume of the gas, is flowed directly through the nozzle over the blades of the turbine.

The Turbine Engine propulsion far exceeds the turbo prop, it has a high power weight ratio, giving more thrust energy, and it has less moving parts this will vibrate less, and can operate low pressure with high operational speed, but it doesn’t idle well and has high fuel consumption rate and very noisy.