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Man has always been curious about what it’s like to soar into the air and fly. In our modern times, man can now fly. But not everyone can take flight. Riding an airplane is a very different experience from flying one. Between the 1970s and 1980s, man’s curiosity about flight was at its peak. Many people wanted to fly and they wanted to be able to afford to fly their own plane and not just ride one. This resulted in the aviation authorities allowing slow-flying and lightweight airplanes that are not subjected a lot of regulation. These airplanes are called ultralight or microlight.




Definitions of these two terms vary from country to country but they usually refer to very light, slow flying aircraft. The United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Sweden all have very strict safety regulations applied to ultralights while France and the US have very lax rules.


The difference in rules across countries hinder international trade and also prevents the use of ultralights from flying from one country into another. The rules of each country regarding ultralight aircraft are also not recognized internationally. However, for domestic use, the ultralights are very popular specially in the more affluent countries. In Canada, for example. ultralights comprise 18% of all civilian aircraft.


You can check this Wikipedia article for more information about ultralights. If you’re searching for ultralights, ultralight aircraft, microlight or light sport aircraft for sale, pleace check out the websites of the following manufacturers.













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