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Choosing Used Cessna 172 for Sale in Today’s Buyer’s Market

In today’s buyer’s market, you can certainly find used Cessna 172 for sale at great bargain prices. With the rising cost for fuel, many owners of private jets and aircrafts are selling their planes to downsize. But why would you invest in Cessna 172 for sale apart from all the other models in the market?

Cessna 172 Skyhawk is one of the preferred aircrafts for training pilots with their first flying experience. This favorite of pilot training schools is truly in high demand for first time owners. More often than not, you can find great deals for used Cessna 172 for sale.

The first prototype of the Cessna 172 was first successfully tested back in 1955 and the first plane was made available for the public in 1956. The normal cruising speed of the plane is quite impressive at 105 to 205 knots in fixed gear.

The Cessna 172 is truly a success within the first year and it has sold 1,400 units within the first year of manufacturing. Based on conservative declarations, the production estimate for the planes are roughly 35,000 to 43,000 units. Therefore, it would not be too difficult to resell your used aircraft. This is also another reason why choosing this model may not be too hard for those prospective owners.

Popular Cessna 172 


Because of its popularity as a flight training plane, the Cessna 172 is an extremely popular model that will dominate its segment for a long time. There are reasons for this preference of most training schools. The reason behind such choice can be attributed to the dependability of the airplane over the long run.

It is also very user-friendly that is truly recommended for beginning pilots gaining experience with their flights. Indeed, the Cessna 172 model is really accommodating and has remarkable civil utility.

Even with the dependability and user-friendliness of such aircrafts, there are worries with prospective owners who plan to buy these units. There are misconceptions recently that some of these planes do not have glass instrumentation.

But this is not something one has to worry about. The truth is that most pilots learn their first flights using analogue instruments, the ones used in Cessna 172 units. Analogue instrumentation is also more economical and a good recommendation for the majority of first-time plane owners.

Without a doubt, choosing a used Cessna 172 is a good move when searching for a bargain in the market. Just make sure you find a reputable broker that will hunt for a unit in good condition at the most competitive price.