Cessna 310Used Cessna 310 For Sale

Used Cessna 310 For Sale

Cessna 310 for Sale – Tips Before You Acquire this Aircraft

One of the top choices for private aircrafts is the models from manufacturer Cessna. In this piece of information, we will take a closer look at the different bargains with Cessna 310 for sale, one of the highly in demand aircrafts in the world today.

Whether you are searching for new or used Cessna 310 for sale, you can always count on the quality and value for money of this model. The Cessna Aircraft Company has always prioritized designs that offer higher performance at lower operating costs. One of the well known models that the company is really proud for one of the best fuel efficiency rating is the Cessna 310.

The Cessna 310 is an American monoplane with a capacity of six passengers. This low-winged aircraft has double engine and is actually the first model that Cessna introduced after the Second World War.

There were many aircraft models that follow the Cessna 310 just like the Piper Aztec or the Raytheon Baron. But the main advantages of this aircraft over other models are its speed, efficient cost for operation, and flexibility for after-market modifications.

One of the famous modifications includes the Robertson STOL kits that make the Cessna 310 known for its bush flying character. The aircraft is also capable of carrying up to 910 kg of useful load. This is an impressive power for a twin engine piston plane.

As of recent years, there are already a number of Cessna 310 models that serve as air taxi all over the world. Thus, a lot of people are looking for Cessna 310 for sale for their own private use.

Tips When Buying Your Cessna 310

One of the biggest mistakes of people when owning an aircraft is that they choose models that they cannot afford to operate. As a general trend, the older the plane, the more costly it is to operate. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy as new as you possibly can.

My personal advice to any of my clients is to never buy an aircraft built before 1975. This is not an absolute rule of thumb and may vary with different models. But with Cessna 310, I think 1975 is the oldest year I can take for an aircraft.

The basic reason for such recommendation is corrosion and operation costs. As an observation, I have not seen many pre-1975 models that are in good condition. Most of these models have already suffered from corrosion. Thus, when choosing the deals with Cessna 310 for sale, choose only those models in good condition and manufactured after 1975.